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 Jucheng Enterprise Management Group  Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company which integrates bulk commodities transaction, artificial intelligence, electronic chips, communication networks, e-sports, new energy manufacturing and large overseas retail business.

Four major business of the group – No. 1 National backbone optical fiber network.

Shanghai Kuandu Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the first professional company that engaged in the integration of optical fiber line construction integrator. The company has a national high-speed network of high-quality unique optical fiber resources as well as a patent for invention and 15 copyright patents. Company possess many related professional licensing qualifications in Shanghai, including ISP, ICP, broadband customer resident network services qualification, communications engineering qualification and other professional licensing qualifications. Kuandu is one of the few operator in China, who owns the National Internet Access ISP license, in addition to China Telecom, China Netcom and China Unicom.

In 2006, the company began the construction of fiber network in Shanghai, by the early 2013 the network has stretched over 5000 kilometre, it is also part of the Shanghai metro’s Optical fiber network Laying debugging project. The company covers 1 million users in various districts and towns in Shanghai in the form of WIFI and wired network, and about 2 million users outside of Shanghai. In the last 8 years, Kuandu has designed a integrated operating & maintenance system for its clients,  to monitor and manage the network 24/7, and also offering services to its clients like network analysis report and other services. Between 2012 and 2013, Kuandu initialized the construction of “Cloud ISP” service project, by investing 30 million Yuan, the goal of the project is to form a interconnected platform, that can achieve multiple purposes, including establish and strength the partnerships with internet content providers, acquire related contents resources, increase the usage and value of the internet, the company provides Internet content sources to households in a near-free model. “Cloud ISP” project Kuandu with unlimited space for growth in the future.

Shanghai Kuandu will build a backbone network that runs through the coastal developed cities and covers the whole network operation, namely the communication operator national high-speed ring network design and construction integration project.

Four major business of the group – No. 2  Chip Manufacturing

Shanghai Huixinchen Technology Co., Ltd is a high tech company, the company’s R&D centers located in Shenzhen city and Xiangshui county, and its manufacture/packaging lines is located in Dongguan. The main business of Huixinchen is engaged in the development and design of LCOS chip, LCOS chip package and optical integration. It has the strength to provide customers at home and abroad with the overall technical solutions and core devices, from silicon-based backboard, to display module.

l Huixinchen owns 68 patents in the field of LCOS, and has more than 70 R&D technicians covering the three key technical fields of electrical optics, sealing and testing. It has developed into an industry benchmark enterprise with independent intellectual property rights to master the core technology of LCOS chip design and packaging.

l Huixinchen core technology team members have undertaken and completed 863 and other national and provincial high-tech projects.

l Huixinchen owns the world's third LCOS test line and the first LCOS test line in mainland China. It is one of the first three companies to build LCOS module assembly line in the world.

l Huixinchen is the only company in mainland China that successfully encapsulates and verifies LCOS optical information processing devices, and one of the few companies in the world that successfully develops, verifies and mass produces LCOS chip production lines.      

l Huixinchen is the LCOS chip technology and business partner of renown companies, including Haier,Guoguang,ZTE,Huawei and other leading enterprises.

Four major business of the group – No. 3  New Energy

The Jucheng group has entered the new energy industry in line with the national trend of vigorously developing green energy in energy conservation and emission reduction.

Jucheng New Energy Co., Ltd., adhering to the green technology, and people-oriented business philosophy, is committed to building the most complete industrial chain of modern high-tech new energy industry base, it has many independent intellectual property rights on the core technologies, which proves it to be a high-tech enterprises. The company has a modern battery production line and automatic PACK line, and employs a number of national senior personnel, the establishment of lithium battery and lithium battery materials engineering test and testing technology center, production in line with the international ROHS environmental standards of high-performance lithium ion power battery, with an annual output of 1GWH high-performance lithium ion power battery capacity scale. Company’s products are widely used in electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric cars and other fields, in addition, the company has transformer photovoltaic power generation equipment, photovoltaic cell components and involved in new energy car rental business.

Four major business of the group – No. 4  Supermarket Chain

“Island Pacific Seafood Market” is the second largest Philippine supermarket in the United States, that own by the Shanghai Jucheng Group. Since the first Island Pacific Seafood Market opened in Panorama city, California, in March 2000, it has been popular among the Filipinos and Mexican customers whose reside in Unite States. In the present day, the supermarket chain has more than 1,400 employees, that work in 17 supermarkets overseas.

Island Pacific Seafood Market has always been committed to meeting the demands of customers with the best products and services, bringing the greatest value to customers, and trying to promote Philippine food and culture to every parts of the world.

Island Pacific Seafood Market is a young and pragmatic team, and Shanghai Jucheng group will support its development and build it into  one of the best supermarket brand in North America, in terms of market share, profitability, customer service and employee satisfaction.


Corporate Culture

People oriented and cherish talents

With “people-oriented” concept as its guideline, Jucheng Group attaches great importance on both inner training and talents attraction. 6 young talents with proven capability have been promoted to senior management in their twenties or thirties.

Management is strict but we care for people 

 The group adopts an “initiative work” principle which requires all of us to complete tasks in a timely and initiative way. Our goal is to get tasks done despite of any difficulties. There is a reward system for car sales. We care for our staff, so there are 1 or 2 times of company-paid tours a year, money as gifts for holidays and greetings  by visiting or gifts to employees who are ill.

Keep learning

The Chairman of the group takes the initiative to learn new knowledge such as blockchain together with employees and we usually share our views on good articles in the wechat group of the company.