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    Shanghai Jucheng Enterprise Management (Group) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company which integrates bulk commodities transaction, artificial intelligence, electronic chips, communication networks, e-sports, new energy manufacturing and large overseas retail business.


    After years of hard work and sustained development, currently the Group has a number of subsidiaries and holding companies, such as Jucheng Science and Technology, Island Pacific Seafood Market, Kuandu Web Technology, Jucheng New Energy, with a total of more than 2,000 employees, and many offices and business locations in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Philippines, the United States and other places. Through many mergers and reorganizations, the company's assets have reached billions of yuan. Overseas students and talents who have worked in international corporations, law firms, financial institutions have been introduced into the team.

    Shanghai Jucheng Enterprise Management (Group) CO. LTD

    Tel: 021-68931510

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